Teton Glacier

After completing one painting in Grand Teton National Park, I was on my way to a new location when I spotted a magnificent glacier shrouded in clouds. There was no time to set up for a painting, so I got the camera and started shooting as the light conditions rapidly changed. Back in my studio I reviewed the glacier photos and found just the right moment to capture on canvas.

PLEASE NOTE: The image above is a cropped version of the original, which is vertical and significantly larger. Click here to see the entire painting.

This original painting is available for purchase.

•    oil on canvas, ready for hanging or framing

•    40″ x 30″

•    $2,900 US. (Shipping within the USA is included in the price.)

Contact Bernard Marks if you’re interested.

This painting and all reproductions of it are © Bernard Marks. No unauthorized use is permitted. All rights reserved.