New Orleans Is Music

Many artists have painted picturesque New Orleans. In this new mixed-media painting, my goal was to do something different, yet capture the familiar flavor of this historic city, founded in 1718.

My vantage point was a bench near the landmark Café Du Monde. After a delightful breakfast in the Café with my wife, I remained for several hours, doing pen and ink sketches. The colorful buildings have stood there for hundreds of years, of course, but it took patience for the rest of the elements to come together.

First, there was one street musician. I made sketches and photos as he played. Eventually, two others joined him to make the trio. I continued sketching and making photos. All three were wonderfully talented, and the whole experience was a memorable one to share.

Back in my Santa Fe studio, my photos and sketches served as the basis for this mixed-media painting of oil and acrylic.

This original painting is available for purchase.

•    mixed media—oil and acrylic—on canvas, ready for hanging or framing

•    22″ x 28″

•    $1,000 US. (Shipping within the USA is included in the price.)

Contact Bernard Marks if you’re interested.

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This painting and all reproductions of it are © Bernard Marks. No unauthorized use is permitted. All rights reserved.